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About Cherry Valley Solar

Cherry Valley Solar is a 135 MW solar farm expected to generate enough energy to power up to 20,000 homes per year. Situated in Cross County, Arkansas, the project will be built on ~850 acres of private rural land.

Cherry Valley Solar will provide long-term benefits to the City of Cherry Valley community and surrounding areas, such as long-term local and state tax revenue for schools, government services, and public infrastructure like road improvements.

Best of all, Cherry Valley Solar won’t just power the electric grid with homegrown clean energy –  it will also power the economy, contributing an estimated $13.7 million in additional property tax revenue over the anticipated 40-year life of project, as well as ~$3.75 million that will directly benefit the Cross County School District.

Keeping Cross County Schools Competitive

The new Cherry Valley Solar Farm holds an opportunity of direct funding for Cross County schools.  The community’s local schools do their best to thrive in a very competitive environment.  Parents get to choose where they send their kids to school and adequate resources help shape that decision.  

The Cherry Valley Solar Farm offers Cross County Schools an opportunity to benefit from additional revenue the same way the neighboring school district in Wynne City already has.  The Wynne City Council approved a tax abatement for a similar-sized solar farm in 2021, ensuring direct revenues from that project will now flow to their local schools.  Arkansas state law allows counties to offer abatements as a way to attract outside investment into their counties.

Arkansas solar farms not only bring opportunities for local investment for education, but opportunities for new sources of school funding spread across the state, just as they fund other critical needs. The local leadership's approval of a tax abatement for Cherry Valley Solar Farm would help ensure that this tremendous opportunity to partner with Cross County Schools becomes a reality, in its quest for competitive excellence, now -- and for future generations. 

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Our Mission

TED Renewables develops renewable energy projects across the United States, with a particular focus on helping rural communities harness the power of the sun to deliver sustainable, long-term economic benefits to local families.

Rural America has a proud history of turning natural resources like the land, water, and sun into products with economic value, often by growing food for people or livestock. Solar farming builds on this long-standing tradition, delivering reliable, predictable income to landowners without requiring water or being affected by drought or other extreme weather events.

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